He said.

This is probably the last time I’ll ever write about my ex, but I was just thinking about some things earlier today. He was always so excited to be around me. He would walk around showing his friends pictures of me or showing them videos of me singing; just anything to show off his girlfriend. He was proud to be with me. And I loved that. He was never ashamed of me. He said he’d ALWAYS love me no matter what happened.
Hmm… oh yeah? Well I distinctly remember that after getting my first tattoo, he flipped a shit and started yelling at me about how my body is a temple, blah blah blah, I didn’t understand how much hell he was gonna get from his family and friends for me having a tattoo, blah blah blah. An inch and a half long tattoo on my inner wrist was the equivalent of murder to him. Then after that, everything went downhill. Because I got. one. tattoo.
9 tattoos and 9 piercings later, his parents still adore me and talk to me when they get a chance. His friends still love me. He doesn’t even act like I exist. Haha, I should be really sad about it. I am sometimes. He was my best friend for 5 years. But it’s completely his loss. Even more so because some of his friends think he’s a huge dick for being such a jerk to me. So if he loses friends for being a jerk, good.
Another thing I was thinking about was our cute little fights. You know what I’m talking about. Those “I love you,” “I love you more” fights that went on forever. I think I won.



Smiles are crazy. They can have multiple uses. 
You can smile at people walking by in public. You can smile when you read a funny text. You can smile sarcastically during an argument when something completely idiotic was said. You can smile just because you’re happy. You can smile to hide other emotions. 
It’s very easy to smile, but it’s hard to make it mean something sometimes. That’s the thing, though, sometimes you might not know why someone is smiling. It can be out of pure happiness, sarcasm, or just a front to cover up a broken soul. The funny thing is, it’s hard to tell. 
So smile. Smile at anyone you can anytime you get the chance. Smile at the girl who’s hiding suicidal thoughts behind a smile that you wouldn’t have ever been able to tell was fake. Smile at the woman casually buying groceries for her family that’s falling apart behind closed doors. Smile at the homeless man who’s smiling at you, waiting for even the slightest bit of hope found within the simple smile of another human being. Smile at the seemingly happy man, struggling to provide for his family. Smile, and mean it. Because you never know what’s behind anyone else’s smile but your own.


self harm scar excuses. FUNNY’S

Tattooedmultiple's waffle

Here are a few serious and a few funny excuses for having self harm scars. Most I have tried and had some funny reactions. ( this is meant as a joke before anyone sends any crappy messages back).  My body looks like a patch work quilt so I think I have earned the right to post this and lol at my own scars because if I don’t lol I will end up upset and hurt by how people react.

1. It sucks having parents who are sadists.
2.  my boyfriend and I accidentally went overboard during our last S & M session.
3. I moon light as a stunt-woman who dives through glass windows.

4. all the orange dye didn’t come off my arms, and my husband confused me with the carrots for our salad. roll your eyes I keep telling him if he doesn’t get his glasses fixed soon…

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