self harm scar excuses. FUNNY’S

Tattooedmultiple's waffle

Here are a few serious and a few funny excuses for having self harm scars. Most I have tried and had some funny reactions. ( this is meant as a joke before anyone sends any crappy messages back).  My body looks like a patch work quilt so I think I have earned the right to post this and lol at my own scars because if I don’t lol I will end up upset and hurt by how people react.

1. It sucks having parents who are sadists.
2.  my boyfriend and I accidentally went overboard during our last S & M session.
3. I moon light as a stunt-woman who dives through glass windows.

4. all the orange dye didn’t come off my arms, and my husband confused me with the carrots for our salad. roll your eyes I keep telling him if he doesn’t get his glasses fixed soon…

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